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Family of Missing Oakland Toddler "Hoping for the Best"

Family of Missing Oakland Toddler

This guy, John Webb jumped in his SUV with his mother and 21 month old daughter to run up to the store for some snacks. He parked the vehicle leaving his daughter and mother inside while he went into the store. When he returned, his daughter was gone. What happened? You'd think John's mother would have the answer, but evidently, she suffers from dimentia and had no clue. Kidnapping? That's what authorities aassumed at the time, which by the way was back on June 10th. Since then an amber alert has been issued, teams of police with helicopters, dogs and even an underwater robot have been searching for the little girl for weeks, all to no avail.

In a new twist, police arrested Mr. Webb this week on a charge of child endangerment. He is expected to be released and is not considered a suspect in his daughters disappearance. So what happened to this little girl? Stay tuned...


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