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Gulp! Teen boys inhale homemade blowdarts, docs warn

Gulp! Teen boys inhale homemade blowdarts, docs warn

Here we go again. Another dangerous teenage trend is putting kids in the hospital. This time it's homemade blow guns. Ya know, the kind you used to see in early James Bond movies. Evidently, there are more than 20 websites that teach kids how to make homemade dart blowing guns from everyday household items like shoelaces and sewing needles. Once they complete the devise, kids are inadvertantly sucking the darts into their windpipe while inhaling the breath needed to blow the dart out of the gun.

One hospital in Columbus, Ohio treated 3 teens in 3 months with the devises stuck in their throats. Fortunately, the outcome was good for those 3, but doctors are worried that with so many websites teaching kids how to make the blow guns, those numbers will increase and so will the occurances of serious injury.

In the kids treated so far, doctors have reported that many times, they are too embarrassed to explain exactly what happened and it's not until they take x-rays that the truth is uncovered.

So parents, as usual, keep track of the websites your kids visit and if you see evidence of blow dart gun making instructions, take heed.


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