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John Lennon's tie fetches $4,500 at auction

John Lennon's tie fetches $4,500 at auction

So how popular is John Lennon nearly 33 years after his untimely death?

A necktie once owned by the Beatle was sold at auction recently for over $4,500. Where did it come from? John handed the tie to a fan during a liverpool club show in 1962. Joyce McWilliams was in the front row when he asked her for a handkerchief to wipe the sweat from his brow. She obligied, he wiped, then handed the sweaty hanky back to Joyce. She then exclaimed she thought the singer was going to give her his tie as he loosened it after wiping. Lennon then obligied by giving her the tie and apparently she's held it for over 50 years until unloading it for the big dollar.

The auction house says they're continually amazed at how much money such items are garnering. We are too.


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