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McDonald's Manager robs his own store at gunpoint

McDonald's Manager robs his own store at gunpoint

 In the wake of the recent nationwide strike by fast-food workers demanding higher wages, we learn that perhaps even the managerial salaries are need of a boost.

Otherwise, why would a McDonalds manager named Felix Becerra who runs the store in pleasanton, California climb thru his own drive-thru window wearing a ski mask and waving a pistol rob the Mickey D's franchise he's in charge of operating?

That's just what happened. the 42 year old Becerra donned a white mask, gloves his own employees use to prepare food and demanded cash from the office safe. He then ordered his workers into the walk-in freezer and fled in his car with an unspecified amount of cash.

Cops picked him up 5 days later in San Mateo, California where he'd duplicated the heist at the McDonalds in that city.

Gee, ya think this guy will ever get another job in food service? We doubt he'll ever get another job, period.


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