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Swedish machine lets you drink your own sweat

Swedish machine lets you drink your own sweat

Filed under the "what will they think of next" category comes the swedish invention called the "Sweat Machine". The devise literally sucks the sweat liquid out of clothing, filters it and distills it into drinking water. Okay, let's all untter a collective GROSS!!!

They say a full load of sweaty laundry will yield a pint of drinkable water. Now for the collective WHY?

Stefan Ronge, a person involved with the project which is the brainchild of the hunger relief organization UNICEF, says the sweat machine is not intended to supply drinking water, but rather to raise awareness about the shortage of clean drinking water in certain parts of the world.

Evidently, they're holding some sort of contest, where UNICEF sponsors will buy water purification tablets for every cup of processed "sweat water" that is consumed.

Seems like there could be a simpler, less yucky way to do this?




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