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The Fallout from UFC 158

The Fallout from UFC 158

On Saturday night to some degree we all got sucker.  Or to borrow a phrase from Nick Diaz – we bought Wolf tickets.  The hype prior to the bout between GSP and Nick Diaz had us believing that Georges St. Pierre was going to give Nick the beatdown of his life and that Nick was going to thunder through GSP on the road to claiming what was rightfully his, the UFC welterweight strap.  Instead we got the same GSP performance one would expect.  It was precise, it was technical, and it was boring.  Which isn’t a problem for Georges, who is 11-0 since his loss to Matt Serra, but it is an issue for the UFC.

The UFC sold us on this superhero mythos that Georges was the squeaky clean chiseled hero whose honor was brought into question by the evil villain from a place called Stockton – which in itself sounds like a wretched hive of scum and villainy.  Nick played is part perfectly until it mattered and Georges, well any illusions of him ever going for a finish again are safely buried next to Jimmy Hoffa.  Everyone who put down there hard earned cash to see this bad blood boil over were treated to a text book performance in outclassing Nick Diaz from the first takedown (8 seconds into the bout) until the final bell.  In the traditional superhero mythos the hero will beat the villain to the point that you think he is finished and then a moral dilemma creeps in and the villain escapes to fight another day.  In the UFC universe that villain was never in much peril and certainly didn’t get the beatdown of his life, one would expect his sparring sessions are as tough.  But he didn’t take the opportunity to wow us with his skill set either – proving that he never belonged in the conversation about the championship, let alone in the bout itself.

Because let’s be honest.  Johny Hendricks and Carlos Condit looked like they would have beat both of them on Saturday night and while Johny gets the next crack at GSP, I would not mind seeing a rematch of Hendricks vs. Condit once Johny gets the belt off of Georges waist.  Because for as long as Johny has waited for this shot – he looks like someone with the fight IQ and tool set to test GSP in a way few could.  Condit out-struck Hendricks but anytime that Johny was in trouble he took Condit down and played the game using the blueprint GSP invented.  The subtle difference is that Condit and Hendricks rightly took home fight of the night.

So while we wait to see if Nick Diaz goes to jail for tax evasion and as we stand by to see how bad Hendricks’ injury to his hand is one can take a moment to reflect on if we want to see GSP in a PPV slot again.  On Saturday night Georges hometown certainly appreciated his performance, I am not sure the fight world is going to line-up and beg for more of the same from GSP regardless of whose name is next to him on the wolf tickets.

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